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Short Sales

What are Short Sales?

A short sale is where you sell your property for less than what you owe in order to AVOID Foreclosure. WJL Financial will start the process by providing a list of documents required by the bank. WJL’s short sale team will review the documents for accuracy once the homeowner completes all documents and forms. Once all forms are completed, WJL Financial will submit the purchase agreement to the homeowner to sign. Now WJL will send the short sale package to their Short Sale negotiating team to start negotiating on the homeowner’s behalf.WJL’s Short Sale team will submit the Short Sale package to the lender. The lender will review the documents and schedule an appraisal of the property. Once the lender determines what price they want for the property we begin our negotiations. Like all real estate transactions, there will be negotiations between the seller and buyer to determine the final price of a property. Once the final price is agreed upon, the bank will send us the Approval of Short Sale. The homeowner will then have 30-45 days to move from the property. If the homeowner was approved for HAFA, the homeowner will walk away from the closing with a check for $3000 to $9000. Ask us how we can get you approved for a HAFA short sale.WJL Financial has now purchased the property and the homeowner is no longer responsible for the mortgage. WJL has received 100% waiver of deficiency for all of our homeowners since 2008.

How can a short sale help me?

A short sale is one of the best ways to AVOID Foreclosure. The Short Sale will help (you?) a homeowner by releasing them from the mortgage. Another benefit to a Short Sale is that the homeowner may qualify for HAFA which will give anywhere from $3000 to $9000 for relocation funds.

Why should I contact you regarding my short sale?

WJL Financial Group has been helping homeowners for 25 years. We buy houses for cash that are in any condition and any situation. Let Us Help! We are your real estate problem solvers. We have also completed over 250 short sales since 2008. That means that WJL Financial is responsible for keeping over 250 homeowners OUT of foreclosure. ALL of our services are FREE!

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