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Tips and Tricks to Selling Your Estate Through the Probate Process

Why Hire a Foreclosure Attorney and What To Look For

Foreclosures are complicated and highly emotional. If you want to fight a foreclosure to save your home and improve your financial well being, consider working with a foreclosure attorney. Finding the right foreclosure attorney is easier if you know the standards which competent foreclosure attorneys should meet. Why Hire a Foreclosure Attorney? While it’s possible

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Why do Banks Deny Loan Modifications?

Loan modifications can help you through financial hardship and an inability to make mortgage payments due to divorce, sickness, layoffs, and unexpected expenses. Not all loan modifications are approved, however. Lenders’ Reasons for Denying a Loan Modification Some denials may seem fair and some unfair—but they give you a clear idea of what to do

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What is a Non Jury Trial and How Does it Affect my Foreclosure?

A non-jury trial is a trial in which the judge alone decides the outcome. When it comes to foreclosure trials, most are non-jury. Several factors play into whether or not you can get a jury in your foreclosure case. Check whether your states allow juries in foreclosure cases. In most states, a foreclosure is considered

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History of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The City of Fort Lauderdale is named after a Second Seminole War fortress based on the banks of the New River in 1838. That year, Major William Lauderdale drove a unit of Tennessee Volunteers south along the east bank of Florida to catch Seminole horticultural terrains and fight the tricky Indian warriors. Through and through,

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Fort Lauderdale Climate

During the decision process of finding a place to move or visit, one of the most common inquisitions is that into the climate of the potential area. After all, one doesn’t want to move into a snow-ridden desert if one is a fan of the hot sun. Down below, we’ll explain what you can expect

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Fort Lauderdale Banks

Having access to your bank wherever you travel is of the utmost importance. If you are planning on visiting or moving to Fort Lauderdale, you might benefit from considering the banks listed on this list. Down below, we’ll go through a few banks that are present within the area. With all of the famous people

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