We Buy Florida Homes Damaged by Fire

The cost to repair a home damaged by a hurricane or fire can be overwhelming. Both of these scenarios usually affect the structural integrity of the home. Furthermore, you want to be fully aware that unstable buildings can be hazardous for you and your family. Miscellaneous damage from water can have a huge impact on what needs to be professionally repaired or replaced.

Selling Your Home Damaged By Fire

Any fire in the home can be traumatic and can cause a great deal of damage to the structure. Even a small fire in the kitchen or the bathroom can cause more harm than people may think. This could include a fire you may have been able to extinguish without the aid of the fire department. Any number of elements can impact the home including smoke, heat, flames and the steam from the water that was used to put it out. Materials expand and contract at different rates and can, therefore, create issues with electrical systems and the insulation protecting the wires.

When firefighters do come to put out a fire to a home the damage is significant. The pressure alone from the water is enough to make the structure unsafe. Water can be trapped in the walls saturating the wood and its integrity. The wet environment if not treated properly can lead to other issues including mold and poor air quality. This situation can compound other problems down the road unless they’re dealt with correctly. In most of these instances, it’s better to move on from the property.

Homes Damaged By Hurricanes

Hurricanes are powerful storms and can cause significant amounts of undetectable damage. The force of the wind can cause micro stress fractures in materials not visible to the human eye. These fractures can impact structural stability making a home uninhabitable. Once there’s been a breach in structural integrity, warmer temperatures, and humidity levels can intensify the problem.

Flooding as a result of hurricanes can be another significant problem by itself. Many people think once the water levels recede and the area dries out again, it may be safe. Many times this isn’t the case because the pressures placed on the beams cannot compensate for lateral Force. Not to mention, there’s additional stress brought on by the wind.

Looking At The Best Option

If you’re in a situation to where you should sell the property, you have many options available to you. The cost to repair the home yourself can easily exceed the value. It can take a lot of time and money not to mention the resources involved to make all this happen. Instead, there are places online you can find willing to purchase your damaged home for cash. Often, you’ll see a phone number you can call to talk to a representative. The consultant will explain the entire sales process to you and answer any questions you may have. In some cases, the home buying company will buy the home sight unseen and make you an offer right away over the phone. In other situations, they will send somebody out and schedule a time to evaluate the property.

When you ultimately accept the offer the company you work with will set up a relatively quick closing date. This process can happen as quickly as days or weeks and is convenient for both parties. It is a great option and can help you get out of hurricane or fire-damaged home fast.