What Families Should Consider With Probate Properties


Probate properties are on the increase probably more now than ever before. Having a good understanding of this is essential because our population is aging and people over the next decade or two are going to be losing their parents. Most of these parents will be in the baby boomer range. People will need a lot of guidance through this tough time and in many cases aren’t sure where to turn. We’re going to cover why this topic is so important right now and we’ll go over some details families facing this situation will find valuable.

Families dealing with probate are facing a tough time, and there’s a lot of moving pieces. Losing a family member that is dear to them is severe enough, and adding in all the legal elements on top of everything else can be utterly overwhelming. The probate process can even be lengthy potentially costing families an enormous amount of money. Furthermore, most family members are not aware creditors, and people handling the probate process received their percentage first. The inheritors collect everything that’s left over. In a lot of cases, families are surprised to learn how little is left to work with if the property in question needs repair before Its sold.

Very few families adequately prepare for probate, and this can cause many challenges. Being prepared is important because it’s difficult to make decisions under highly emotional circumstances. Often people try to take on the whole process themselves without seeking help. This only increases the time span of the process. Working with a real estate investor and an attorney are great places to start under these conditions because every day that goes by, it costs the inheritors money. In some cases significant money. So there is some level of urgency people should consider.

Having a team of people around you that you’re comfortable with is very helpful because you want to retain as much of the inheritance as possible. The court will appoint somebody to handle and settle the estate. This person will be the executor and in many cases is a court-appointed attorney. In some situations, this person is an appointed family member.  The executor will keep track of all the expenses involved with the estate including the necessary utility bills, yard maintenance and any possible money owed to creditors or lenders. Every day that goes by this is costing the beneficiaries because this ultimately comes out of their pocket in the end. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of the inheritors to sell the property as quickly as possible.

In almost every situation inheritors are busy with their own families and discover they’re facing an overwhelming situation that requires a lot of their time. This scenario can present many additional problems and in some instances prolong the process in of itself. When a home requires significant attention, the costs can add up quickly. Some homes need expensive repairs beyond what family can afford. Working with your support team and deciding on having an investor buy the house outright with cash maybe a more suitable option.

To conclude, the number of homes going through probate will increase significantly over the next number of years. The population is aging, and statistically, there’s a large number of people in their 70s. Many inheritors will need help or guidance through these tough times. Probate can cost families a significant amount of money if they’re unprepared and the process takes a long time. Families can retain a lot more of their inheritance when they team up with the proper help such as an attorney and even Real Estate Investors. Some homes will cost a lot more money to prepare for the market then people may think. There are many options available including selling for a cash sale.