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Tips and Tricks to Selling Your Estate Through the Probate Process

Famous People from Fort Lauderdale

Not everyone gets the opportunity to make acquaintances with someone famous; albeit, it’s still a pretty neat fact to know if someone of a well-known status is from or is living in your neighborhood. Down below, we’ll list some famous people that have arrived from and or reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fort Lauderdale Notable

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Best Hotels in Fort Lauderdale

Deciding on which hotel to book on your next vacation can be a little confusing, as there are usually numerous hotels that accompany a big city. In this article, we’ll list some family-friendly and well-rated hotels in the area to ease your decision-making process. List of Fort Lauderdale Hotels Beachside Village Resort: 5 out of

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Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Nothing beats the joy of eating a delicate selection of intricately-seasoned dishes on a relaxing evening or sunrise-morning. One of the main attractions to any given location during one’s travels is the variety of food that is offered. In this article, we will list some restaurants that will more-than-suffice for a good reason to visit

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If Having No Equity, Why Is A Loan Modification Not The Best Solution?

When a homeowner is facing foreclosure and owes more money than the properties current value in the market, they’re underwater. When this happens, families often seek other options attempting to avoid a foreclosure sale. It’s especially hard when a homeowner has no equity in the property because certain opportunities just won’t make sense. For example,

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Why Only 20% Of Homeowners Get Approved For Loan Modifications

The term loan modification became quite the buzzword for a while after the 2008 home crisis. It became very popular because of the government programs focussed on keeping people in their homes. Fast forward to today, and the economy has improved significantly yet people are wondering why only 20% of homeowners get approved for loan

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There Is No Such Thing As Foreclosure Defense!

A big dream for families is to be in a position to own their own home finally. However, nobody said it was easy and sometimes unexpected events happen to cause families to miss payments with their lender. When the families miss three consecutive months in a row their lender is in a position to file

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