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Tips and Tricks to Selling Your Estate Through the Probate Process

If Having No Equity, Why Is A Loan Modification Not The Best Solution?

When a homeowner is facing foreclosure and owes more money than the properties current value in the market, they’re underwater. When this happens, families often seek other options attempting to avoid a foreclosure sale. It’s especially hard when a homeowner has no equity in the property because certain opportunities just won’t make sense. For example,

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Why Only 20% Of Homeowners Get Approved For Loan Modifications

The term loan modification became quite the buzzword for a while after the 2008 home crisis. It became very popular because of the government programs focussed on keeping people in their homes. Fast forward to today, and the economy has improved significantly yet people are wondering why only 20% of homeowners get approved for loan

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There Is No Such Thing As Foreclosure Defense!

A big dream for families is to be in a position to own their own home finally. However, nobody said it was easy and sometimes unexpected events happen to cause families to miss payments with their lender. When the families miss three consecutive months in a row their lender is in a position to file

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Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Are Just Taking Homeowners Money!

It’s not uncommon to hear of families facing foreclosure attempt to reach out to an attorney. There’s certainly a time and place for everything especially in extreme situations, however, in most cases hiring an attorney for foreclosure isn’t necessary. Many attorneys may tell you different but let’s look at why this might not be a

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Why Bankruptcy Is Not The Best Option If Facing Foreclosure

When homeowners are facing foreclosure, it could be a terrifying time. Having all that pressure put on to you can make it very difficult to think clearly. On top of that people tend to get advice from all directions. It’s important to get the right information from the right people because one wrong step can

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